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[Pigment Inhibiting System] Melanin Blocker & Deactivating Enzyme Complex is recommended for all melanin skin types. This liquid serum blocks the activity of the melanin cells around the applied areas and expedite the action of other whitening creams. May be used alone or in combination with Pigment Corrector or HP Bleach Oil.


Ingredients: Melanin Blocker Ingredients: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid, Aloin, Vanillic acid, Vegetable glycerin, Hydroxycinnamic acid, Ursolic acid, Mequinol, Ferulic acid, Retinoic acid, Melanostatin(herbal blend), Melanin inhibiting Factor-1(herbal blend), Phloretin, Rosehip hydrosol, Vitamin E, Optiphen


Directions: For topical use only. Shake well before use, only in adults. Apply to a small portion of the skin before use, if tolerated, then use over the entire face and neck.


Warning: Product is a concentrate, and may need to be diluted for use in sensitive skin.


Other information: Product does not offer cure to any medical conditions and cannot be used in treating any skin disorder. Store at room temperature 20-25 degree C (68-77 degree F).Protect from excessive temperature.


Keep out of reach of children

Melanin Blocker 30ml

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