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This serum is an exopolysaccharide obtained through biotechnology which stimulates the synthesis of the skin's natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA), thus offering a plumping effect to the skin. With the added benefit of hexapeptides and micro-collagen as active ingredients, it`s able to restore the collagen levels which characterises a youthful skin, acting globally on all parameters.


The skin is replenished and recovers its volume lost as well as a bounced whitened appearance. The nasolabial folds are visibly reduced in 14 days, and the depth of wrinkles decreased up to 89.6% in one month.

  • Stimulates the synthesis of the skin`s natural hyaluronic acid

  • Feeds the skin with instant collagen required without vitamin C

  • Added benefit of hexapeptide and micronized marine collagen

  • Stimulating the synthesis of collagen 1-4 & inhibits enzymatic degradation


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Polypeptides, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Matrixyl 3000, Caviar Extract, , Pentapeptide-18(Leuphasyl®), Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Oxido Reductases(REGU®-AGE PF), Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol.


Directions: For topical use only. Shake well before use, only in adults. Apply to a small portion of the skin before use, if tolerated, then use over the entire face and neck.


Warning: Product is a concentrate, and may need to be diluted for use in sensitive skin.


Other information: Product does not offer cure to any medical conditions and cannot be used in treating any skin disorder. Store at room temperature 20-25 degree C (68-77 degree F).Protect from excessive temperature.


Keep out of reach of children


Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Peptide Serum - Maximum Strength 30ml

$140.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
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