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Shahla Sina obtained a Bachelor and Masters Degree in nursing from Iran. She is a board certified registered nurse in Sweden and the USA. She is the lead clinical injector for Laser Sculpture™. » Learn more

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Infrared Body Wrap

Air wave lymph toxin expulsion is to expulse the rubbish inside human body by accelerating the normal movement of lymph through the operation of the instrument. It is different from the old way of patch vibration, for it removes the fat with the help of the air pocket and pressure. The beautician makes use of the basic finesses such as circulation, massage, turning back and traction as well as the help of this professional lymph toxin expulsion instrument to accelerate the lymph circulation and excretion and expulse rubbish and toxin inside the body.

Far infrared ray is root of energy of life and its energy can be absorbed by creaturecell very quickly and resonance happens, so that vibration inside the cell increases and the tissues can be livened at the same time. As the temperature of the cell tissues rises, the blood circulation speeds up and the local circulation can be improved, metabolism can be increased and the nutrition of the tissue improves accordingly.

Functions for Infrared Body Wrap

This apparatus was carefully designed according to human bionics research, which combines functions of broken-fat, fat dissolved, and lymphatic drainage in one and using high-tech means to massage, and pressure therapy to get significant effect.

  1. Slimming - Infrared ray makes a direct action on the fat structure, which can release a great deal of heat energy, accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, promote the metabolism, speed biochemistry reaction, make catabolism of fat cells, largely decrease the fat cells. Air bags are inflated and deflated regularly with continually changed air pressure, which can rub off, dissociate, smash the fat cells.
  2. Relaxing and Promoting Immunity - Heat energy generated by infrared ray can lessen the tensility of muscle, relax the muscle.
  3. Leading-in Medicine - Stimulating the medicine absorption to reinforce healing effect.
  4. Other Function - Promoting curing, diminishing inflammation, keeping calm and sleeping peacefully, etc.


The Premium depigmentation system developed in Spain, for Melasma, excessive pigmentation and various other imperfections caused by melanin. The Cosmelan® system is compatible for all skin types and has a high safety margin. Cosmelan® Depigmentation treatment has an action mechanism based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Several of the substances present in the Cosmelan® formula act by blocking this enzyme, or by inverting the metabolic process of the transformation chain. Cosmelan® Depigmentation treatment involves a very versatile, dynamic process which is easily adapted to the needs of each individual patient.

Face before Cosmelan treatment
Face after Cosmelan treatment


ArteFill® is a non-absorbable wrinkle filler used to correct smile lines. It is the only FDA-approved long lasting injectable smile line treatment of its kind.The result is the immediately visible correction of facial wrinkles and folds in as few as one or two treatment sessions with no down time. Effect last five years or more.


Radiesse™ is a synthetic injectable filler that reduces wrinkles, creases and scars by augmenting the body's natural collagen supply. It can be used on many areas of the body, including, nasolabial folds, depressed scars and oral commissures. It is the ultimate treatment for aged hands, lipoathrophy and chin or cheek implant. Treatments typically take 15 minutes and require only local anesthetic. Results are visible immediately after the injection and can last for months or years.

After Radiesse treatment


Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for hypotrichosis, or inadequate eyelash growth. Latisse is a breakthrough treatment that enhances eyelashes by increasing their length, thickness and darkness through a daily treatment applied to the base of the upper lashes. This treatment contains bimatoprost, which increases the amount of hairs and the duration of the eyelash growth process.

Meso Hair Loss

Designed to stop your hair from falling out while adding volume. Combined with micro-needling of the scalp, this special cocktail is a non-invasive solution to prevent hair loss and add thickness. Treatment is once a week, for 4-8 weeks. For more information, call (818) 324-6446.

Before Meso Hair Loss treatment
After Meso Hair Loss treatment
After 4 weeks of treatment



PDO Thread Lift

A PDO (polydioxanone) thread used to lift the skin in virtually any part of the body or face. FDA approved resorbable thread produces collagen as it is safely absorbed into the skin several months after insertion.

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